Game Fowl Management Online Course


Yesterday, we officially launched the Game Fowl Management Online Course at The Sabong Chronicles HQ.

At the same time we conducted a FB Live with one of the instructors of The Sabong Chronicles Academy: Online and Mobile Cocking School.


And we also started a contest; you may still join the raffle draw here.

The Sabong Chronicles Academy was conceived with the purpose of making distance learning a reality in the game fowl industry.

With much time and effort we were able to do so by building a platform for game fowl enthusiasts to study the ins and outs of sabong 24/7 anywhere in the world via the internet.

Since we’re the pioneer of distance learning in the industry, we’re committed to bringing game fowl-related content closer to you.

At The Sabong Chronicles HQ, we have a line up of projects that certainly will set the standard of how content creation should be done in the industry.

So stick with us as we unfold those breakthrough projects.

In the meantime, you can sign up for our online course, Modern, Practical and Advanced Game Fowl Management here.


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