RA Superfly Gamefarm’s 5 Keys to Winning in the Sport of Cockfighting

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If a champion game fowl breeder is about to reveal his keys to winning in the sport of cockfighting, what would you do?

Perhaps you will get a pen and paper because in this blog post I’ll share with you RA Superfly Gamefarm‘s 5 keys to winning in the sport of cockfighting.

The 5 Keys to Winning in the Sports of Cockfighting was written by no other than Atty. Ryan Abrenica himself. The attorney talks about some of his tips that could help beginners in game fowl breeding and cockfighting get on the road to winning.

Without further ado, here are the 5 keys to winning in the sport of cockfighting.

1. Focus on only a few bloodlines.

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The attorney gives utmost importance to focusing on fewer bloodlines. According to him, doing so helps you familiarize yourself with your breeding materials, improve them through better selection, and have a deeper understanding of their strengths and weaknesses. He points out that real good breeders made a name for themselves by maintaining one great line. “Harold Brown and his Hatch, Gary Gilliam and his Roundheads, Johnny Jalandoni and his Lemons, Nene Abello and his Sweaters and the list could go on and on,” he writes. “Quality over quantity is the key phrase,” he adds.

2. Invest in good farm facilities.

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“A functional farm facility need not be expensive, they can be made of any material available in your area to suit your budget,” the attorney stresses. He discourages borrowing equipment like folding boxes and coops from your neighbors. He also points out that an ill-equipped and disorganized game fowl farm barely wins anything. “Your fowls know when you scrimp on them,” he asserts.

3. Learn the basics of conditioning and pointing.

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The attorney suggests that as a game fowl breeder you should know how to condition and point your fowls yourself. He believes that this increases your chances of winning regardless of the experience of your handlers and their assistants. “Proper conditioning and pointing are products of good observation and common sense,” he maintains. “You’ll also learn more about your fowls when you spend time with them in the keep,” he adds.

4. Remember that cutting ability is the name of the game.

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When it comes to selecting his arsenal of fighting cocks, the attorney prefers superb cutting ability over beauty. He shuns the idea of selecting fowls based solely on the fact that they have long flowing tail feathers but could barely land a fatal blow. They would look great when walking in the pit or ruweda, but if they do not win they will not pass the attorney’s strict standards.

5. Health is wealth.

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The attorney reiterates that conditioning starts on the first day of a baby chick’s life—not on the first day of a 21-day keep. “The amount of care our fowls received during the entire course of their existence will play a vital role in how they will perform at the pits. It’s the difference between a win, a draw, and a loss. Use the best feeds as much as your budget would allow, have an ironclad vaccination program, disinfect your farm regularly, give your fowls regular exercise, keep them away from fat, and give them the best facilities and environment when you can and if you can. Some of the more consistent entries I have seen don’t even have great conditioning and pointing behind them, but the superior health of their fowls have carried them to victory countless times,” he reveals.

Now that you have the 5 keys to winning in the sport of cockfighting, feel free to share them with fellow sabungeros.

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