“Gulong ng Sabong”—Excellence Brings Game Fowl and Animal Health Care Services and Products to the Countryside on Wheels

“Gulong ng Sabong was conceived with the purpose of providing genuine animal health care, services, and products directly to the farmers in the countryside. This also aims to inform and educate our countrymen on the importance of agriculture in the development of the nation.” - Emmanuel E. Berbano, COO, Excellence Poultry and Livestock Specialist


Armed with a transformable and fully-equipped truck, Excellence Poultry and Livestock Specialist, Inc., sets the game fowl industry at fast speed with its “Gulong ng Sabong” campaign. It’s the very first nationwide caravan in the game fowl industry that uses a specially designed truck as its platform to conduct different kinds of game fowl-related programs.

Of course, the truck will be manned by veteran veterinarians and animal health care specialists loaded with popular Excellence products and mounted with widescreen LED TV with powerful sound system for education and entertainment as well.

“The aim of this campaign is to help maintain the ever growing game fowl industry by sharing technical knowledge through mini-seminars, consultations, video presentations, and hands-on demos on the road using a four-wheeler truck,” explained Eulo Lorenzo, VP for Operations.

“The Gulong ng Sabong campaign has actually started and is set out for its express tours to various destinations in Luzon, the Visayas and Mindanao,” added Lorenzo.

The idea behind the name Gulong ng Sabong came from a 1950’s radio hit drama series that was subsequently televised in the 1980’s with the title “Gulong ng Palad”. Just like the story of Gulong ng Palad, sabong is like a rolling wheel; sometimes you’re at the top, sometimes you’re at the bottom.

The Gulong ng Sabong truck will roam from town to town where poultry supplies and cockpit arenas are located to educate and entertain the sabong community. “This is perhaps the first ever public service project of its kind offered by an animal health care company like the Excellence Poultry and Livestock Specialist underscoring its leadership in the industry,” said Lorenzo.

While Gulong ng Sabong appears to cater only to sabong aficionados, game fowl breeders and others in the industry because of the name, the Excellence project on wheels actually will also provide health care products and services related to the company’s specialties—hogs, cattles, pigeons, exotic pets, peking duck, goats, fishes, carabaos and others.

For the game fowl industry, there are three major programs of the Excellence Gulong ng Sabong campaign that can help you in everything you need to know in raising chickens from egg to the pit. These are the Vets-on-the-Go, mini-seminars and RELOAD Plus Station.

1. Vets-on-the-Go

The Vets-on-the-Go was conceptualized to educate sabungeros on how to give proper care to their chickens, manage diseases, and prepare for fight.
The technical veterinarians and game fowl specialists will be there to lend a hand and offer free consultation to growers of chickens. You can ask them any questions concerning the health of your feathered warriors. There’s also free vaccination for your chicks. “We believe that the earlier the chicks use medicines and supplements of Excellence, the healthier they become. Start them young, start them right,” shared Dr. Ramil Dimaculangan, Technical Services Manager.

The videos of the Champions of Excellence endorsers will be played on the widescreen LED TV with powerful sound system all throughout the visit of the Gulong ng Sabong truck in town. These are educational and entertaining videos wherein sabungeros can learn from their idols in the sport. Big names in the game fowl industry like Mayor Juancho Aguirre, Biboy Enriquez, Dante Hinlo, among others, will be sharing their breeding system and how Excellence products play a key role in maintaining the overall health of their game fowls through the videos. “With these videos, you’ll get to learn how we raise, condition, and point our chickens,” said Dante Hinlo, owner of DVH & Sons Gamefarm. Footages of actual cockfights in bigtime derbies will also be shown on the TV.

2. Mini-Seminars

With the convertible truck turned also into a stage, mini-seminars will be conducted. The TV will be used for PowerPoint presentations so that sabungeros can absorb the lessons much easier. Discussions will focus on proper chicken health management. A flip chart indicating the right way of treating common game fowl diseases will also be given away.

The technical vets and game fowl specialists will be readily available to entertain questions and give recommendations. They can further elaborate the tips and methods discussed by the speakers to assure that everyone will learn the latest technologies in the field of game fowl diseases and management.

“Hands-on demonstrations by the vets are also expected to take place during the seminars,” shared Dr. Edwin Reyes, Area Technical Supervisor for North Luzon.

3. RELOAD Plus Station

This is the latest addition to the Gulong ng Sabong campaign—the RELOAD Plus Station.

Some, if not all of you, are familiar with RELOAD Plus, a popular product of Excellence. It’s an energy booster supplement that’s formulated to help a game fowl recover from stress after traveling, sparring, and other strenuous activities.

It’s common that during the exchange of blows between two feathered slashers in a cockfighting match, they both get wounded, and even the winner has to endure the post-fight stress. With the RELOAD Plus Station present in the cockpit arena through the Gulong ng Sabong truck, a wounded game fowl will now be able to receive free drops of RELOAD Plus. This is an effective way for a wounded game fowl to de-stress.

Emmanuel Berbano, COO of Excellence Poultry and Livestock Specialist, and publisher of Pit Games Magazine, invites sabungeros to experience Gulong ng Sabong. “Watch out for the Gulong ng Sabong in your respective areas. We’ll make sure that you get the opportunity to enjoy everything it has to offer. It was created with you in our minds,” Berbano said.

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