RA Superfly Gamefarm Lemon broodstag

A breeder crossed his Boston Roundhead with a DVH Black. He noticed that all male progeny were black and the females, Roundhead in color. He liked what he saw, and decided to set and maintain the cross as a line.

He did brother-sister mating and was happy with the consistent result in the first four or five generations that he did it. With consistent, he meant producing black males and Roundhead looking females. In fact, he thought he stumbled into something really worth maintaining – auto-sexing game chickens!

Confident that he already has developed a unique line of game chickens, he continued full-sib mating. After one or two generations more, though, the progeny no longer showed the sex linkage he saw several generations earlier. This time around, the males came out Roundhead-looking while the females, black in plumage color. What happened?

We mentioned about sex linkage. What is it? What has it to do with the particular plumage colors that we mentioned here?

These and more, in our next posts.

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