RA Superfly Gamefarm Jarrett Roundhead broodcock

When we talk about quality game chickens, we immediately single out breeding or bloodline as the main reason for having such. Why? We know for the fact that everything starts from being able to produce chickens that we know would give us good results.

Right. It’s like saying whatever good you do with dunghills, they will remain dunghills. Can we rightfully say that whatever you do with nicely bred chickens using good bloodlines, they will remain to be good chickens?

Actually, many of us tend to become overconfident whenever we have what we consider as a “perfect” bloodline or chicken. Well, nobody can blame us, because everybody else in the game fowl world is so obsessed with the race for the best bloodlines possible.

Best bloodlines. Ask any veteran breeder, and he’ll start with an advice for a neophyte in game fowl breeding to start with good breeding materials. When we say good breeding materials, we mean well-bred materials coming from good bloodlines. Not surprising, after all!

A question: is having a good chicken from a good bloodline enough reason for us to dominate chicken fights?

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