2015 RA Superfly Gamefarm pullets

Specially if you are a beginner or on a tight budget, chances are that you’d be willing to sacrifice some points for the sake of having chickens to breed or to fight. A valid reason, since you need to answer your own questions with regard to your passion as a chicken man – chickens or no chickens?

Of course, we won’t be called chicken men if we do not have chickens. But if we reach the point of ignoring what we consider as basics of game fowl breeding if only to have chickens, then we might be veering out of our own objective of owning game chickens. If we just want chooks to look at, take good care of and spar every now and then, no problem. But if we intend to breed or fight them, then we got to thick twice, even thrice, before we decide on taking whatever is available.

If we are into game fowls for the sport, then it goes that our objective is to fight good chickens, and probably fight in the big league. Now, how on earth would we be able to attain these if we got started on the wrong foot? As we often say, we spend the same amount of money, time and effort whether we go for the dunghills or the aces. With this in mind, which one should we opt for?

If we ask veteran game fowl breeders, they would always advice us to go for good chickens if we decide to delve into game fowl breeding, if only for the aforesighted reasons. This advice is not only for those who have several chickens to choose from. Even if you intend to begin with only one head or pair, you need to choose and choose well. Even more important if you want to start with a pair of chickens!

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