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There had been so many questions on the genetic or blood composition of throwbacks. This curiosity is fueled by the fact that throwbacks are off-types and, therefore look different from their parents.

Many are tempted to believe that throwbacks are genetically different from their parents. In fact, there are breeders who actually base their supposed bloodline from their looks.

The truth of the matter is, regardless of the physical appearance of throwbacks, their blood composition is half their father and half their mother. If their parents are straightbreds coming from the same bloodline, then their throwbacks are straightbreds as well.

A straightbred throwback, if properly maintained, can be a variety of the bloodline it belongs. In fact, Zamboanga White was the first of this kind that was documented. Nowadays, we have a number of whites belonging to different bloodlines – more likely than not, these are also throwbacks and, therefore, are varieties of the respective bloodlines they belong to.

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