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Game fowl purity is one aspect of breeding we often disagree with one another in terms of opinion. Who’s right and who’s not? We all are right – on what? On saying that there are no pure game fowls and on saying that there are pure game fowls!

As far as all domesticated chickens are concerned, we are right in saying that all of them are products of crossbreeding. Therefore, they are not pure because they are combinations of earlier chickens of different blood compositions. What’s only pure in them is that they are 100% chickens!

The sweeping generalization that all chickens are crosses may not really hold that true as far as Asils are concerned. Asils have been maintained as they are since time immemorial. As long as Asil boxing persists as a variant of our sport, these birds will continue to be bred so they will still be what they exactly are – chickens with great endurance and strength and with that unique body conformation and physical characteristics.

Now, if we are saying that all chickens are crosses, then why do most breeders persist in calling some of their chickens “pure”? Why do some prefer to fight their chickens “pure”? These, we will try to give some light to next time…

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