RA Superfly Gamefarm Lemon 84

What Are They?

What are the game fowl breeders’ dreams? Well, a lot. Good or better life is probably on top of the list. Of course, they won’t be game fowl breeders if they do not have aspirations anent game fowl breeding. First and foremost, not a few breeders dream about being number one in the sport – and being there for a long, long time. Actually, wrong choice of words. Let’s set the record straight – all of us dream about becoming number one in the sport, and being there over a long, long period of time.

Becoming number one alone is a tall order. Being there for a period of time is another story. But, the rest go with these two. Look at success stories in the game fowl industry. All of them started out by targeting to become number one.

Of course, being number one does not mean being unbeatable – this is next to impossible! All of them became number one in their own right, by winning at least one major derby and by being consistent. As we all say, at least for these breeders, the rest is history.

Winning a major derby is becoming increasingly difficult nowadays, what with the quality of chickens almost all breeders have and the conditioning supplements that are readily available. In addition, there are breeders and conditioners who are, from time to time, able to develop conditioning strategies that allow for optimum game fowl performance at a particular period of time.

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