RA Superfly Gamefarm Lemon 84

What does it take to have good game chickens – is it the breed? is it good nutrition? is it sound management? is it good environment? is it good health management? is it good conditioning? is it good knife tying?

Chances are, we differ in our views about how we can come up with ace game chickens. I remember a gaffer who insisted that winning depends upon the gaffer. Definitely true, but what if the chicken does not fight well? Some say it depends on the breed. But what if it is not healthy or has not been conditioned well?

Actually, how well your game chicken turns out to be depends not just upon one of the factors I mentioned, but to ALL OF THEM! If you have a dunghill, however good your management and conditioning, the chicken will remain a dunghill. In the same way, an excellently bred chicken will perform like a dunghill if we don’t subject it to the rest of the factors I mentioned.


Good breed + Good management + Good nutrition + Good health management + Good environment + Good conditioning + Proper knife tying = ACE GAME CHICKEN!

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