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Thursday, September 20, 2018

Atty. Art de Castro: On Becoming a Sabong Champion—Not Just Once, But Twice

"The timing of strike is very important." - Atty. Arturo de Castro Atty. Arturo de Castro (@thunderbee.gamefarm) is a professor-lawyer-game fowl breeder and cocker who...

A Game Fowl Breeder-Grandfather’s Letter to His Grandsons

We received an email from one of the avid readers of The Sabong Chronicles. The content of the email is a letter of a...

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Dink Fair Sweater—My Golden Hen

Not so long ago, I came to the realization that my game fowl breeding efforts might go to waste if I'd maintain more bloodlines...

Warhawk at Fiestag 2018

Senator Cynthia Villar and Bureau of Animal Industry (BAI) Director Ronnie Domingo led the opening ceremony of this year’s Fiestag along with Warhawk representatives,...


Social media today has given us a wonderful platform to interact with each other. Social networking served an integral part in our society and it’s...

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