A Game Fowl Breeder-Grandfather’s Letter to His Grandsons

Asil Brazilian cross hen with Silver Pheasant hen.

We received an email from one of the avid readers of The Sabong Chronicles. The content of the email is a letter of a game fowl breeder-grandfather to his grandsons. Their story is so compelling that we asked permission to post it on our blog.

Read on.


Dear Ram and Rudy,

The love of chicken is keeping me healthy and in good spirits every day that I wake up in the morning. Thank God, I have wonderful relatives like you (Clarissa too).

I take my Parkinson’s medicine and exercise physically and mentally. It’s like I’m on continuing conditioning and ready for pointing. I use a walker, a wheelchair and a scooter going around the chicken pens and Vicky’s (my wife) koi pond. I even sing karaoke even out of tune. Voice aerobics is part of a senior citizen’s exercise because our voice grows old also.

Don’t abuse your health when you are young or else you might get an old age sickness like me. When I was young, I didn’t watch good eating habits, I drunk, I smoke, I lacked sleep. I stopped drinking and smoking, went for university degrees and retired as a college controller and court senior accountant. But I paid for early missteps.

Now I’m 78, many years retired, and regained happiness with game fowl breeding. It might hurt you, but I suggest Ram that you stop smoking and you Rudy you have to reduce your weight with less body fats. It’s not difficult. In the military, a private revealed to his commanding officer that he has smoking problem. The commanding officer ordered him to stop and he did. In my case, my girlfriend told me to stop smoking otherwise I cannot kiss her. I stopped. Discipline yourselves. Live long, live healthy and live happy.

I’ll be sending you the best game fowls but save for the shipping costs for the future.

Grandpa of Quezon, Batangas and Ilocos

Dear Grandpa,

It’s true. Gamefowl can really add life. Ipinagmamalaki kita sa lahat ng tao. You’re one of my great inspirations.

Mr. Yamaguchi is fast recovering. I sparred Captain Hook, but I didn’t take videos because I’m worried that you might get disappointed. And I’m right. He was terribly battered by my big-tail stag. He got hit several times by solid blows up and down, but he connected one good blow that I think is his asset. In my analysis, he’s an accurate puncher that only needs to be sharpened. I’ll take videos of his sparring next week. Maybe it’ll be a different story because he might have learned his lesson.

Grandpa, your Lawnmower Hatch is really a good hen. She lays good eggs. She’s one of the most beautiful hens I’ve ever seen. Perfect in all when it comes to balance. She deserves my best big-tail brood cock. A very bright future for their offspring. Hope to fight them in big events.

Please stay healthy and we will rock the cocking world.


Dear Ram and Rudy,

I am fond of Mr. Yamaguchi. One time I gave him a small bit of my brain food medicine and he was chattering a lot. It might be by accident that I discovered a derby formula. He has a beautiful one month old son with my Lawnmower Hatch hen.

For stag derby, I believe that giving some testosterone to stags strengthen their bones and speeds up maturity. This is a well-kept technique that my dad employed.

You’re my adopted grandson from Tiaong. San Antonio used to be a barrio of Tiaong. I’m also very proud of you and I hope you will help Rudy. He’s the only hope to succeed the family’s tradition. My uncle run the cockpits in Calatagan and chicken men gave my dad the best cocks of their time. They were very proud to regalo the best to the Mayor (my dad).

You will be champion one day. I hope it’ll not take long and I’m still alive. God bless.

Grandpa of Quezon, Batangas and Ilocos

The takeaways

* You can’t enjoy the lifestyle you want if you neglect your health.
* Take good care of yourself and your chickens.
* You’ll learn a lot from the elderly; they are full of wisdom.
* Ask game fowl breeding tips from the elderly; they’ve wonderful stories to share.
* Smoking is dangerous to your health. Drink responsibly. Have plenty of sleep. Eat healthy.

How do you enjoy your passion of raising chickens without compromising your health?

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