For a More Efficient and Rewarding Game Chicken Production

AC Ang Incubators’ Chiller Temperature Control Gadget


All the while, I thought that having a chiller in the farm solves all the egg storage problems – that if we just set it at its lowest setting (1), we are able to provide the perfect environment for the eggs for two weeks, allowing us to accumulate as many eggs as possible without jeopardizing the hatchability particularly of the first ones collected.

I was dead wrong. I spoke to Mang Boy Ang, my mentor and idol as far as egg incubation is concerned, and he revealed that what I have long believed in is not necessarily what is happening in real life (Mang Boy is the man behind the success of AC ANG INCUBATORS). You know why? Even if you set the chiller at its lowest setting (1), chances are that its temperature still goes a lot lower than what is recommended for egg storage to make it last for at least two weeks without having its viability sacrificed – the temperature range is just too wide for comfort.

Ever the solution seeker, Mang Boy decided to do something about the aforementioned unbeknownst problem before it wrecks havoc on our breeding endeavors. He invented a gadget which he calls CHILLER TEMPERATURE CONTROL GADGET. The chiller is plugged to the gadget, and the gadget, to the electricity outlet.

The CHILLER TEMPERATURE CONTROL GADGET sets a limit to the chiller temperature range – Mang Boy sets it at 10°C-15°C, with an average of 12.5°C. He claims that as long as nobody tinkers with the gadget, the chiller temperature will be maintained at the range at which it is set.

Now that we have known this, I’m sure we will want to do something about our chiller so as not to lose the product of our toil unnecessarily just because our storage facility did not function exactly the way we wanted it to. We know exactly what to do: use AC Ang Incubators’ CHILLER TEMPERATURE CONTROL GADGET. It’s a little investment for a more efficient and rewarding game chicken production.

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